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Teenage Zoe Tyler suffers from manic-depression. With a musician father who is never around life seems hard. Zoe eventually lands up in a psychiatric ward for treatment. There she meets ... See full summary  »

Thailand’s Department of Health Service Support✓ has linked All IVF to the alleged biological father of six boys and three girls aged between six months and a year, who were found in a Bangkok condominium and have been taken into state care.

 · Rep. Steve Scalise breaks his silence on shooting. In his first interview since being shot and critically wounded, Rep. Steve Scalise describes the extent ...

The children Sigler and others molested are now adults. The deep scars of their childhood remain, many times masked until the shockwave can no longer be suppressed. Felicia said during adulthood, random things can trigger the flood of memories and emotions of the abuse.

Speaking more about the episode, which won't be a "normal Emmerdale", he teased a twist, adding: "[There will be] a lot of things that are different and turning the tables a little bit and that's what's going to happen on the Christmas Day episode."

STEVE SCALISE: I found out later just how much damage was done internally. You know, I mean, my femur was shattered. The hip and pelvis had serious damage where the bullet went through and, you know, did some damage to areas that had to be shored up with steel plates and then they did a phenomenal job of rebuilding, you know, kind of the, rebuilding Humpty Dumpty. I mean, there were, there was a lot of damage inside that had to get fixed.

Shattered Silence - NocturaShattered Silence - NocturaShattered Silence - NocturaShattered Silence - Noctura