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My recommendation, is to use good, high-quality paint brushes , whether they are synthetic, or china bristle. And certainly get a good 2" sash/trim brush, and an excellent 3" wall paint brush, at the very minimum.

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So poodles aren't your thing - that's ok. Here are several dog house plans for 2 large dogs , assuming you want to build a DIY dog house for your big friends

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Using data on average household size we can estimate floor space per inhabitant for new homes.  This analysis is a bit rough and ready, as it assumes new homes are being built for the average household.  Nonetheless it is useful because it helps to control for the considerable differences in household size between countries.

House Of Large Sizes - Heat MiserHouse Of Large Sizes - Heat MiserHouse Of Large Sizes - Heat MiserHouse Of Large Sizes - Heat Miser